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The NFL/NFLPA will apparently not be talking over the weekend, which is an utter disgrace

Apparently, the NFL and the players met for like 15 hours yesterday, and were in again bright and early today at 8am CST.  That's great.  Frankly, they should be working 15-hour days, every day, including weekends and holidays until they get this thing done already. Forget the fans for a second – Countless people’s livelihoods depend on the NFL... and I'm not talking about the players here. If that means that Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith et al have to work on July 4th instead of being with their families, so be it. If they want to take an hour-long break on July 4th to have some good old fashioned fun and shoot some bottle rockets at each other in the parking lot, I’m OK with that. But otherwise, we don’t want to hear from you until we hear the words, "The lockout is lifted. We have a deal."

Well, evidently, if I'm reading's Albert Breer's tweet (below) correctly, the NFL owners and NFLPA are going to be enjoying a three-day vacation while literally countless numbers of people directly affected by the new CBA have to sit and wait.  It's an utter disgrace that a 3-day weekend is trumping this obvious urgency to work through their differences.  Celebrating the 4th of July with your families, in this case, is wildly un-American.  Get the eff back to work.

... It'll be Goodell, Smith, staffs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Owners & players will rejoin, participate in sessions on Thursday and Friday.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply


[Note by JimmyK, 07/01/11 11:50 AM EDT ] - Somehow I missed Breer's tweet prior to the one above, that removes all doubt that talks won't be resuming until Tuesday:

Filed to NFL Network: This set of meetings will wrap up today. Next set of meetings between NFL, players starts on Tuesday in New York. ...less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply


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