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The Linc - Jason Avant Thinks Burress Could Help In The Red Zone

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Avant: Eagles could use Burress in the red zone
"I really don’t pay attention to that, but I hope he does well, though," Avant said. "I want him to succeed in whatever he does. If that means Philadelphia, great. We could use him in the red zone."

Plaxico Burress won't be NFL's next Michael Vick - Don Banks -
The comparisons are understandable, perhaps even inevitable. And the similarities are many. It's easy to line up the Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick headlines side by side and see the same inspirational comeback story, played out two years apart. A once-elite skill-position player in the NFL loses a couple precious seasons mid-career to imprisonment and scandal, but heroically returns to the field to bring his personal narrative of redemption full circle and perform even more spectacularly than ever. I suppose it could happen the same way, but I'm betting against it.

Chaney still has plenty to prove - : 4th And 26: eagles, nfl lockout, jamar chaney, evesham,
"Yeah, I still have a chip,'' Chaney said. "I only played in four or five games, that's nothing. I want to come out now and prove I'm one of the best, if not the best, linebacker drafted that year. I still have a lot of people to prove wrong.''

Mike Kafka: 'You've got to be ready for anything' | National Football Post
The Philadelphia Eagles' willingness to trade backup quarterback Kevin Kolb doesn't only hinge on what could be a fairly rich trade market for the former University of Houston standout. The situation also factors in the Eagles' confidence in talented reserve quarterback Mike Kafka, a rookie last season after being drafted out of Northwestern.

Summing Up The Mike Shanahan Era via Game Shows - Hogs Haven
Many game show titles match the drama of Redskins Park the last 18 months. These photoshops hit the nail on the head.

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