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Jason Babin Seems Lukewarm On Returning To Tennessee

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Jason Babin was a first round bust in Houston, bounced between the Seahawks and Chiefs before having a so so year in Philadelphia, then went to Tennessee on a one year deal and finally had a big year, making his first pro bowl. In any normal year, he would have cashed in back in March when he was an unrestricted free agent. Of course, this is no normal year and he's been stuck in contract limbo.

He should be a fairly hot commodity on the free agent market whenever one exists and speaking to a Michigan newspaper this week, it seems like he'll be the latest Titan on his way out of Tennessee.

"There's so much uncertainty with Tennessee, what their culture's going to be, who their quarterback's going to be, what kind of atmosphere is going to evolve out of a whole new coaching staff," the defensive end recently told

"When you put that many new people together -- new offense, defense, new guy at the helm, at quarterback -- it's kind of hard to predict what the culture's going to be, what the atmosphere's going to be," he added. "And even more so, the hierarchy of how things are going to rank importance-wise. So it's kind of hard for me to say yes or no until, (No.) 1, they talk to me and express interest. And No. 2, I can see how things unfold as far as the team as a whole goes."

The Titans fired Jeff Fisher after last season ended and lost Babin's DL coach Jim Washburn to the Eagles. Babin called Washburn "the greatest position coach I've ever had."

Whenever a decent pass rush hits the market, the Eagles usually have some level of interest, but would a guy like Babin attract them? He's probably looking for a 4-5 year deal and given how many draft picks they've invested in defensive end in recent years, would they feel the need to go after a guy like him? Especially given that he's only had one good year?

And while the Washburn/Babin combo worked in Tennessee and could certainly here as well, why not just let Washburn work his magic with one of the young guys we already have?

Perhaps more importantly, are there enough forests to cut down and ATVs to pull in the Philly area to satisfy Babin?

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