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Plaxico Burress Wears A Phillies Cap Out Of Prison, Drew Rosenhaus Campaign In Full Swing

via <a href="!/NotoriousOHM">Ohm Youngmisuk</a>
via Ohm Youngmisuk

In what I can only assume is a calculated move on the part of Drew Rosenhaus, Plaxico Burress left prison this morning wearing a Phillies cap. Of course everyone is taking this as further confirmation that he's headed to Philadelphia when the lockout ends.

Of course, we already knew that Burress wanted to come here because he told Brandon Jacobs directly. We know "personnel sources" "expect" the Eagles to make a run at him. We've heard that Andy Reid has always been impressed with Burress, which is probably fairly obvious to assume considering how often he had his way with our secondary (sorry Sheldon).

What we have yet to see or hear is anything resembling confirmation that there's interest on the Eagles part. In fact, this drumming up of interest is classic Drew Rosenhaus and we've seen it before. I'd be willing to place a fair bet that when you hear stuff like "personnel sources" or "a league source" claim the Eagles are interested in Burress, the source is Rosenhaus. Clearly, Rosenhaus sees Philadelphia as the best fit for his client because he's friends with Michael Vick and the Eagles now have a track record for a place to reclaim your career... so obviously he's going to try to drum up interest from them.

I'll believe it when I see it. Like I've said for two years, after Michael Vick, nothing will shock me... but I don't put a lot of stock in any rumors of interest on the Eagles part.

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