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"Two Tiers" Of Interest In Kevin Kolb?

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe wrote what I think is one of the more reasonable pieces on a potential Kevin Kolb trade I've seen from the national media this offseason. He smartly focuses on the starts Kolb made and threw out things like the last game against the Cowboys with the reserve team. I think he takes a pretty fair look at Kolb and he does happen to think the market for him will be brisk.

Whenever the lockout ends, the quarterback carousel will begin, and the biggest target will be Eagles backup Kevin Kolb. Teams desperate for a quarterback will bombard the Eagles the moment the lockout is lifted and transactions are allowed.

He sees two tiers of teams that could have interest in Kolb. The first of which are "teams desperate for a quarterback with no good options on the roster" and being the "play it coy’’ group of teams that need a quarterback but act as if they’re all set to keep the price down."

Desperate Group Play It Coy
Cardinals Broncos
49ers Bills
Redskins Seahawks


The first group is made up of teams who have no one they can sell as a viable starter for next season. Although at least the 49ers have a guy in Kaepernick who they can sell as a QB of the future. Ditto for the Broncos, I guess. At the very least they owe it to themselves to give Tim Tebow a shot to sink or swim. The Bills and Dolphins are just ok at QB and probably can't fool their fans that they're ready to contend with Ryan Fitzpatrick or Chad Henne. The Seahawks could potentially sell their fans on Charlie Whitehurst being the "QB of the future" but I doubt many would buy it.

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