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Ellis Hobbs May Not Be Retiring After All

Ellis Hobbs suffered what we all seemed to think was a career ending neck injury last season versus the Giants. It was the second neck injury in as many years for Hobbs and afterward he was doing human interest pieces on ESPN talking about how he had to think about his quality of life and his children etc and there were several reports that he was going to retire.

Not so fast says Hobbs... When asked this week about his plans for the future, he says he has not made the decision to retire.

"All I'm doing is relaxing," Hobbs said. "Because of the lockout, it's just giving me extra time to work on other things. But none of the doctors have said I need to shut it down, I need to stop playing. I myself haven't even thought about that, or going that route. I've weighed both sides of it, and I'm pretty comfortable where I am right now."

Hobbs was in the final year of his deal last season so he's currently an unrestricted free agent. If he did make the decision to play again next year, it would seem pretty unlikely that the Eagles would have a lot of interest.

For now, Hobbs is running a football camp for kids in Rhode Island.

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