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The Linc - Plaxico Burress Is Free!

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What Is Michael Vick's Future? - SB Nation Philly
Mike Vick had his best season in 2010. What does the future hold for him? How much longer can he play at a high level?

Burress to leave jail for uncertain NFL career | AP | 06/05/2011
Locked up for 20 months for illegally carrying and firing a gun at a Manhattan nightclub, Plaxico Burress is ready to walk out of prison and face another grim reality, a lockout that could jeopardize the resumption of his football career.

Video: Possible destinations for Plaxico - NFC East Blog - ESPN
ESPN analyst Cris Carter weighs in on the teams that might covet former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress, and discusses obstacles Burress could face when he returns to the NFL. news: Group wants Bednarik statue at Penn, if money can be raised
Civic leaders, NFL figures and fans have been pushing for a statue of Chuck Bednarik to be erected at Franklin Field, where he played with both the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Saturday, raising money for the project, which would be the centerpiece of a sports museum honoring Penn and the Eagles, has been a problem.

NFL's best series: The top 10 cornerbacks of 2011 -
Asante Samuel has been a playmaker, if an occasional risk taker, throughout his eight NFL seasons, and his numbers are byproducts of opportunities he has created. While Wilcots notes that low interception numbers are solid indicators of a corner's effectiveness, it's a two-way street; stats such as Samuel's also suggest how much of a factor he can be.

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