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Justin Tuck: "Yes we will take (LeSean McCoy's tweets) personally"

Eagles on the brain.
Eagles on the brain.

Last week, new ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano wrote that the Eagles are in the Giants' heads.  He's 100% right.  Today, on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio, Justin Tuck became the 4th Giants player to respond to LeSean McCoy's now infamous "overrated n soft" tweet.  Per Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN NY:

"Well, two things, yes we will take that personally.  And two, he might want to watch some film before he starts talking about a defensive end of Osi’s quality. I don’t know where he would say something of that nature. Obviously Osi’s stats back up the fact that he is a pretty good NFL football player."

The other 3 Giants to respond to McCoy's words were Umenyiora himself, Steve Smith, and Terrell Thomas.  At least Umenyiora fired back by saying the Giants call McCoy "Lady Gaga," whatever that means, and Steve Smith tweeted a picture of an empty Eagles trophy case.  That I can respect, because at least they're comebacks of sorts, albeit lame.  But Tuck continued:

"I honestly think social media has made people cowards," Tuck said. "Where I’m from, if you had a problem with somebody, you said it to their face. I think now people are hiding behind computers and smart phones to get out something they got on their chest where I’m used to having a problem with a person, you go tell it to their face. You don’t go blast it out so everybody in the world can see about it."

Apparently, Tuck is unaware of the glorious American pastime of shit talking.  "We will take it personally" just makes you look like a fragile little bitch (excuse the expression), even if you go the "say it to my face" route.  You're a 6'5, 274 pound beast of a human being, Justin.  Don't let a little tweet get your panties in an uproar.

Week 3 is going to be awesome.

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