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Might Eagles Trade Kevin Kolb To Cardinals For A Player Other Than DRC?

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We've spent some time discussing this speculation that the Eagles could trade Kevin Kolb for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie when the lockout ends. Folks in Arizona seem to be generally in favor of the idea, but I'm a bit skeptical of how good a fit DRC would be here, given that we already have one light tackling corner. For those that don't see a lot of Cardinals football, DRC is arguably the worst tackling corner in the NFL.

Adam Caplan recently addressed the speculation and thinks draft picks are the most likely compensation, but suggested that DRC might not be the only Cardinal the Eagles would have interest in.

It would surprise me if the Cardinals were willing to trade DRC. Instead, if they do acquire Kolb from the Eagles, my sense is they’ll wind up giving up a draft pick for next year or a future pick and another player. Matching up the player with the Eagles’ needs is a big issue. The Cardinals simply aren’t deep at many positions, but a player who could interest the Eagles based on need is linebacker Daryl Washington. He would be capable of playing in the middle or on the weak-side in the Eagles’ 4-3 defensive scheme.

Washington is a good young prospect and certainly the Eagles LB corps was a liability last year. However, the team has collected a lot of young LBs over the past year, which presumably they'd like to see play at some point. I certainly wouldn't be against adding more talent to the LB corps, but that said, I'm not giving up Kolb for a 2nd round LB entering his sophomore season. Not straight up at least.

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