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With CFL Football Starting Tomorrow, What's In It For Eagles Fans?

It's been far too long, but NFL fans will finally be able to enjoy some live, professional football again tomorrow night at 7:30 PM EST on the NFL Network. The only catch is that it will be the CFL that's playing on your television screen, specifically, the BC Lions versus the Montreal Alouettes.

Now normally, I wouldn't bother to mention the goings-on of the our Canadian brothers but, like many of you, I'm so football-starved right now, I'd watch two drunk guys in football helmets beat the crap out of each other for three hours if it meant an excuse for me to pig out in front of my TV on a Thursday evening.

That being said, who can we, as Eagles fans, look for in tomorrow's game? Not too many of our players have made the jump to the league north of the border, but there are two "familiar" names that appear on the final rosters for 2011.

Wide receiver Dobson Collins, who spent time on the Eagles' 2009 practice squad and lasted through much of the 2010 training camp, has managed to earn himself a spot on the BC Lions' active roster. Offensive tackle Jeraill McCuller, who the Eagles signed as an undrafted free agent last season, competed for a reserve lineman spot with Austin Howard, but didn't stick with the team. He now appears on the practice squad of the Alouettes, so you won't be seeing him in tomorrow's game.

So, if you're bored enough to tune in to the CFL opener tomorrow, who will you be rooting for?

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