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NFL Lockout Talk Tour Lands In Minnesota

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NFL owners and players have been meeting over the past couple weeks in various locations around the country. Why these negotiations have drifted from Chicago to New York to Maryland to Boston and now Minnesota? I really have no idea. Minnesota probably makes the most sense because Judge Arthur Boylan, who has previously moderated the talks, is based in Minnesota and will rejoin them this week.

The clock is ticking here. The very first training camps are due to open July 22nd, which is less than a month from now. While I suppose free agency could happen whenever, ideally you would think the league might want around two weeks to get players in and signed etc. So that puts us at around the second week of July. In fact, Jason LaCanfora reports that July 15th is an unofficial deadline for preseason to be held as usually.

Frankly, I don't think many fans would be too upset if a preseason game or two were canceled... but if that did happen it would presumably mean that the negotiations were being stalled or not going well, which obviously isn't great news.

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