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Jason Babin Would Come Back To Philadelphia, If The Money Is Right

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Are you ready for some shocking news? If the Eagles offer DE Jason Babin more money than other teams, he would come here. Babin left as a restricted free agent last year and had a career season in Tennessee (ironically under Jim Washburn). Pro Football Focus asked him whether there were any "bad blood" as a result that might prevent him from returning to Philly.

No, I think any and all feelings if they were bad could be waived by a healthy contract.

Of course there isn't. He did go on to tell one really funny story about Andy Reid though.

There's one thing that Andy Reid said to me [that] I kind of laugh about now because of the success I had last year, but it's a story I like to tell.

It was the beginning of my first game as an Eagle and then there on the Jumbo Tron, ESPN or something was on and they were talking about defensive ends in the preseason. They were talking about me, "oh, the most productive defensive end in preseason..." and I'm standing on the field and I wasn't dressing for the game. Andy Reid walks by and he goes, "Hey! You got some coach that doesn't let the best defensive end in the preseason play." At the time, obviously you can imagine how you feel. I understand the situation and a little later understood his humor/personality and can laugh about it now.

That is fantastic.

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