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Eli Manning Would Sooner Welcome Plaxico Burress Back Than Tiki Barber

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I'm not exactly sure why this sad attempt at a comeback and overall personal downfall by Tiki Barber has been so interesting to me, but I can't get enough. He basically got ripped on a new one in an interview on sports radio in New York last week and this week, Eli Manning made it clear that no one in New York wants him back. In fact, they'd sooner see Plaxico Burress return to the Meadowlands.

Dan asked Manning who would be welcome back quicker — Tiki Barber or Plaxico Burress. "I think Plaxico would probably be welcomed back a little quicker," Manning said.

Manning said Tiki "left on a bad note," while Plax has fond memories of the Super Bowl. Manning said he was effected by Barber’s criticism as a broadcaster after he left the team. But Eli said that may have helped him become more vocal as a leader.

It's amazing how much he's hated in New York. Even when TO blew up here and left, there was at least some split opinion on him. He had his defenders... It doesn't seem like anyone in New York has anything good to say about Barber.

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