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Terrell Owens Tears ACL, Is His Career Over?

According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, Terrell Owens has undergone surgery to repair a torn ACL in his knee. There are conflicting reports as to how he got this injury, some sources say it was while taping a Vh1 reality show, others say it was during a workout. The best case scenario would like be that he could be available to play in "mid to late November."

TO's last season was cut short when he tore meniscus cartilage in his left knee in late December. So this two major knee injuries in a year for a 37 year old WR who it out of contract and worn out his welcome with probably five franchises. Assuming he won't play next year, the next chance he'll have to play will be the season in which he turns 39 and that's even if he can find a team.

In other words, we very well may have seen the last of Terrell Owens. His legacy will be an interesting one. His numbers make him one of the great WRs in NFL history, however he'll undoubtedly be more remembered for his inability to get along with anyone, his self destruction and desperate need for attention/fame-whoring. 

And if it was indeed an injury on some trite reality show that someone of his talent has no business lowering himself to be a part of... it would be an almost perfect and unfortunate microcasm for his career. Incredible talent overshadowed by a sad and desperate need for attention and acceptance.

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