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Eagles Among Teams Most Helped By NFL Salary Proposal

With the news of last weeks' proposed salary cap details, NFL teams should have around around $120 million to spend next year. However, the new deal also requires teams to spend up 90% of the cap as a salary floor. So several teams stand to benefit from the deal, while others could be hurt.

ESPN used the 2011 salary database to pick the top five and bottom five teams affected by the new cap. The Eagles are among those that stand to benefit.

Among last year's playoff teams, the Eagles may have one of the best chances to upgrade their roster and bring in stars. They have $13 million of cap room, and their payroll is a modest $95 million. They could try to bring in defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, wide receiver Plaxico Burress and maybe running back Reggie Bush if the price were right. They would have enough cap flexibility to even go for Nnamdi Asomugha or a top cornerback, if they like.

The Redskins are also listed among the teams that will benefit from the new salary rule. One of the teams that won't however, are the Dallas Cowboys, who are almost $19 million over the proposed cap.

Owner Jerry Jones made sure his team wouldn't be ripped apart during tough labor times. He's always aggressive in re-signing his top players. But the Cowboys are currently a minimum of $18.9 million over the salary cap, which could spell doom for right tackle Marc Colombo, wide receiver Roy Williams and others. Jones also has to come up with some room to re-sign left tackle Doug Free and others.

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