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Arizona Media Largely In Favor Of Kevin Kolb For DRC Trade

This week we debated the idea of a trade between the Eagles and Cardinals that would send QB Kevin Kolb to Arizona and bring CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie to Philadelphia. The speculation makes some sense given that it would fill a need for a both teams. Frankly, we were fairly lukewarm on the idea. Cromartie is talented, but he really doesn't seem to be the best fit here.

The Arizona media however, seem to be on board with the idea. Greg Esposito of calls the trade a "no brianer."

Have you ever heard someone call the NFL a cornerbacks league? No, it's a quarterbacks league and you don't have to look any further than the 2010 Arizona Cardinals for proof. With Rodgers-Cromartie and no quarterback they won a grand total of five games. That may be good in tennis on the Wii, but in football that makes you Dane Cook rather than Zach Galifianakis (translation: not good).

Quarterbacks win Super Bowls not cornerbacks

Ron Wolfley of Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix is also on board.

"The question becomes about Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie," Wolf said. "It is speculation as to whether or not this deal is actually out there. If Rodgers-Cromartie would just change his approach there's no way I would do that. If DRC ever matures there's no way I'd do that deal. The question is will he ever mature? As it stands right now, I'm doing the deal. I'm going to pull the trigger on that. I'll trade DRC for Kevin Kolb."

However, there are dissenting voices.

Adam Green isn't a fan of the trade because Kolb is an unknown and DRC isn't.

Quarterback is easily the most important position on the football field. The Cardinals, of course, should do everything they can to not only improve from the train wreck that was the position last year, but position themselves for long-term success in the process. Is Kolb the guy, for now and the future? Who knows.

What we do know, however, is that the Cardinals have what could be one of the best defensive secondaries in the NFL, featuring DRC, rookie Patrick Peterson, Greg Toler, Kerry Rhodes and Adrian Wilson.

Our pals over at Revenge of the Birds seem to be on the fence.

Do I make that trade? Depends on one thing -- do I as the front office believe he is a franchise guy? If so, yes. If he is simply the best guy available, nope. At corner, could it really be any worse than it was in 2010 when DRC was starting? Probably not. But if he is not anything other than "the guy" for the team, I wouldn't make that or really any deal.

You would have to assume that if Arizona made the trade it would have to be because they thought Kolb was a potential franchise guy.... So it seems like ROTB would be on board if the move happened.

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