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Eagles Reportedly Looking For A Player, Not Picks For Kevin Kolb

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio said on a recent radio appearance that the Eagles are looking for a player that can contribute next year in return for Kevin Kolb, rather than just draft picks. The player which a lot of the speculation has been centered on is Dominique Rogers-Cromartie of the Cardinals, which we talked about earlier. By the way, ESPN insider referred to this is as Sal "dropping a bomb." Which is obviously ridiculous. 

And just to ensure that this would be the most overblown story he would write all day, the author closed the story with "If this wasn't a captivating story to follow before, it certainly is now."

Captivating? Really?

Anyway, I wouldn't put a lot into this report. I don't see the Eagles as the type of negotiators that are going to limit their return on Kolb to just a player. I think it's very likely that they've talked about players, picks or even a combo of both. In the end, they'll be looking for maximum value. If that happens to be a player, so be it. But I think a first round pick would be extremely attractive to them as well.

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