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Plaxico Burress Tells Former Teammate He Wants To Be An Eagle

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After several weeks worth of speculation and innuendo, we might actually have our first firm report that Plaxico Burress may indeed be joining the Eagles next year. Brandon Jacobs was in New York this evening to attend a celebrity billiards tournament put on by Justin Tuck and reporters asked him about the possibility of Plaxico Burress rejoining the Giants upon his release from prison. Jacobs said he'd love to have him back, but admitted that there was "no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home."

However, he has spoken with Burress and does have an idea of where he might be next year. From Big Blue View.

"I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him," Jacobs said of the Eagles when asked if he was talking about Philadelphia. "It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations. Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy. They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there. It wouldn't be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there."

So clearly Burress told Jacobs that he thinks the Eagles are the best fit for him. We know that he and Michael Vick have spoken and are friends, so it makes sense that he would want to play with Vick, especially given the way the QB has turned things around. Plus, we already know Vick would like to see Plaxico here.

There's still questions obviously. How interested are the Eagles in him? The reports we've seen so far seem to indicate that they are, but these reports haven't exactly been the most solid. Of course, there's the question of money. What kind of contract is he looking for? Are the Eagles open to bringing him in, but only at the right price?

It should be interesting to say the least. But I think we can treat this as pretty firm proof that Burress has his sights set on Philadelphia. By the way, I don't think he's going to be the only player this offseason drawn to Philadelphia because of Michael Vick.

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