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Brent Celek: Guys "Don't Want To Lose Paychecks"

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Brent Celek was a guest of WIP yesterday to talk about the lockout and anything he's been up to (which is apparently touring donut factories). He had an interesting response when the line of questioning turned toward what he thought the point was that the union or this whole process could really break down.

I think a lot of the guys are fine with it. The fact that we are not going to football is okay right now. When it's not going to be fine is when we start missing paychecks. I know guys are getting a little antsy. I am too. It's fun getting out there and being with your team, teammates, doing that sort of stuff. I think everyone is okay right now. We just all don't want to lose paychecks. I guess that what it comes down to. Hopefully it gets done before then, but we'll see."

This is pretty much inline with what I've been saying all offseason. We really haven't missed much. The owners really haven't lost anything. The players haven't missed any paychecks... Guys scheduled to be free agents are still in limbo, but no one is going to go into panic mode until the prospect of missing games becomes real.

Celek also said that he thinks the Eagles informal workouts have been valuable, although it seems, mostly from a camaraderie standpoint. Check that out after the jump.

"It's been huge honestly. It's been working better then what I had thought and anticipated and hoped for. The fact that first of all we get around the guys. We're hanging out and conversing. We'll hang out after that, so camaraderie wise I think it's good for us. On the field wise we're keeping our timing with Mike [Vick] and Mike [Kafka] and Kevin [Kolb] came up for a little bit, so catching balls and keeping the timing right. You know running your routes as precise as you need to run them. That's hard when you come back being off for while to do that, so just the fact that we're doing that I think is huge. I feel a lot more comfortable now than I did when I was first out there, so I think it's good that way. Other then that we're not getting too competitive. We only do it for about an hour, so we keep it kind of light, just get conditioning in."

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