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The Linc - Kevin Kolb Is The Next Tom Brady And He's Headed To Arizona

Kevin Kolb is the next Tom Brady. | FOX Sports on MSN
Adam Schein says Kevin Kolb will be a Cardinal, he will lead them to the playoffs next year and will make a pro bowl in the near future.

Trent Cole compares Kevin Kolb to Tom Brady
"Kolb can play," Cole said. "He is very, very accurate. I compare him to Tom Brady. I really do. They can both throw it downfield. But they both know how to use the entire field. They can take five yards and work with that, make it 10 or 15 with yards after the catch. Kolb can make every throw. He knows where his players are. He, like Brady, is a great leader."

Jamaal Jackson ‘99.9 Percent’ Healthy | Philly Sports daily
Can he make that last .01% by the start of the season?!

More On Andy & Complexity
Running a complex scheme and being creative are good things. However, all things are best in moderation. As the Bible states, "There is a time to reap. A time to sow. A time to be complex. A time to let your playmakers do their thing."

Do we need to slow down the talk on Plaxico? | National Football Post
However, I started to ask around recently to people in the league, both coaches and scouts. And there isn’t an overwhelming amount of desire from what I am hearing to run out and bring this guy in once the lockout is lifted. If anything, more questions than answers on what Plax can provide to your roster in 2011.

Haynesworth and the Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/16/2011
Albert Haynesworth is an intriguing option for the Eagles because they badly need a disruptive presence on the line and he has history with new defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

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