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Eagles Interior Offensive Lineman Do Not Impress In PFF's Pass Blocking Rankings

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Yesterday we took a look at the pass blocking efficiency ranking that Pro Football Focus did for offensive tackles. It was noted that Jason Peters and surprisingly King Dunlap both graded out very well. This is not the case for the interior of the Eagles line.

First, we'll start with the "good." Which is that Todd Herremans didn't make the top 20 or the bottom 20. My calling that "the good" should be a harbinger of what's to come...

Nick Cole ranked at the very bottom of their PBE ranks for guards. That he wasn't very good is no surprise, but according to the PFF ranks he was even worse than we thought. No wonder the Eagles spent a first round pick on a right guard.

At center, the Eagles didn't fare much better as Mike McGlynn was the 8th lowest ranked. Hilariously though, 2010 pro bowlers Shaun O'Hara (Giants) and Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers) were the 3rd and 4th worst pass blocking centers in the game. O'Hara was awful last year and his election to the pro bowl was obviously a joke, but at least he spent most of the season injured. Pouncey was simply overrated to a degree I haven't seen in a while. Every objective measurement of his performance showed a below average center and yet week in and week out announcers would just heap praise on the guy for no sensible reason. It was really amazing.

Back to the Eagles though, the good news is that if all goes well, their two weakest links won't even be in the lineup this season. With Jamaal Jackson hopefully healthy and Danny Watkins expected to slot in at right guard, Cole and McGlynn will take their place on the bench or elsewhere....

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