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Tony Dungy Isn't Sure If Burress Will End Up In Philadelphia

Plaxico Burress appeared with Tony Dungy today in Manhattan at an event where he pledged to promote gun safety and healthy living with the Urban League. Clearly, he appears to be following the blueprint set forth by Michael Vick... Dungy said today that his experience with Vick makes him think that Burress can have similar success.

"Plax told me, ‘I can be better. ... I was banged up my last year. I was not healthy. So I haven't been able to run and work the way I would, but I'm healed up so I can be better,'" Dungy said. "After what happened with Mike, I can't doubt it. There's something that, as a coach, tells me I don't believe that, but I'll have to let it play out and see."

Dungy was also asked about the rumors that Burress could potentially be heading to Philadelphia to join up with Vick. He didn't sound like he really knew either way.

"I don’t know that would be the case. He wants to be some place where he’s wanted, where he’s comfortable," Dungy said, throwing a bit of cold water on the possibility. "I don’t think playing football is the most important thing for him now. He wants to play very badly and feels like he had two years to rest his body up, so he’ll be able to play. But just like with Mike, I think it becomes important but not the most important thing."

That will certainly be the next question for Burress. He's attempting to follow in Vick's footsteps as far as rebuilding his life, but will he now follow Vick to Philadelphia to try and rebuild his career?

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