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Schefter On The Eagles Possible Pursuit Of Jason Babin

Adam Schefter was asked in his weekly mailbag about the speculation that the Eagles could potentially pursue free agent DE Jason Babin. This is nothing more than speculation mind you... but the questioner wondered if whether the Eagles pursued a defensive end whether it said anything Brandon Graham's future?

First and foremost, Benji, whether Philadelphia pursues or signs Babin won't affect Graham's role. The Eagles have invested a lot in Graham, and they still expect him to turn into the type of standout they thought he would be. Before the draft, one NFL executive told me that Graham would be the next Dwight Freeney. It didn't happen that way his rookie season, and maybe it never will. But there was a lot of hope surrounding Graham, and Philadelphia is still hopeful about him. As for Babin, it would make sense for Philadelphia to pursue him, as well. Over time, coach Andy Reid has demonstrated that he never has enough linemen, defensive or offensive. And if he can find another one who can help generate a pass rush, all the better.

Like I've said before, I don't expect the Eagles to go after a notable defensive end. If anything, Babin is a prime example of why they probably shouldn't. Considering how much of his breakout season Babin credits to Jim Washburn, why not give him a year to see what he can do with all the defensive ends the Eagles have acquired over the past few years?

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