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Plaxico Burress Gets Out Of Jail On Monday

FREEDOM!  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
FREEDOM! (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Drew Rosenhaus revealed on twitter Monday that WR Plaxico Burress is going to be released from prison next Monday, June 6th. "He'll be a highly sought after free agent once the lockout is over. He's in great shape & healthy." hoped said Rosenhaus.

Of course if all the speculation reports are true, the Eagles will likely have a limo waiting outside the prison ready to immediately bring him to Philadelphia. After all, it makes so much sense! The Eagles one time have a long history of hiring ex-cons straight out of prison. So obviously they'd want Burress.

But if that logic doesn't work for you, no big deal. Just read what Adam Caplan had to say. This guy to talked to "personnel sources."

From talking to personnel sources recently, one told me that Reid has always been impressed with Burress’ ability to beat coverage with his size and that he expects the Eagles to make a run at him once free agency starts.

Personnel sources for what team? Who knows. What is a personnel source anyway? Doesn't matter. Plax is coming here baby! The personnel source says that Andy Reid has always been impressed with him. If that's not proof what is?! Plus, the biggest bombshell of all, the personnel source expects the Eagles to go get him. Reserve that authentic #17 people.

Oh and if you're worried about a line outside the jail when Plax gets out... don't. The Eagles are already first in the line.

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