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The Eagles Most Bizarre Tweeter Award Goes To... Eldra Buckley

Following the Eagles on twitter is always a good time. Whether you're trying to decipher DeSean Jackson's west coast slang, checking out the pictures Brandon Graham posts of his TV when he beats someone in NBA2k, or following the Birds as they organize workouts. However, by far the most odd Eagles tweeter is Eldra Buckley, who goes by the twitter handle, 34like_mrpayton. Here's just a random sampling of what he's had to say recently.

Today, he tweeted "U a house nigga and I'm a field nigga"

Yesterday, he just tweeted the word "Live." Also, he put up a picture of what I'm guessing is his girlfriend asleep.

He gave us a movie review "The second hangover was better than the first 1"

Also, what I believe is an NBA finals prediction "Sweep bron ass in the finals again dirk" (He does seem to be a Cavs fan and so doesn't seem to like Lebron James)

This random thought that I probably just shouldn't post here.

A life lesson, "Morning twitter remember it's bout him and not the eggs"

He seems to miss his teammates, "Can't wait 2 talk shit 2 "

And finally, there is this.

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