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"Personnel sources" expect the Eagles to make a run at Plaxico Burress

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Initially, NY Daily News writer Gary Myers wrote that the Eagles will be "first in line" to sign Plaxico Burress when teams have the ability to do so. It was unclear whether or not Myers was just purely speculating on the Eagles interest, or if he actually was privy to some inside information. Well, this story just grew some stronger legs now that Adam Caplan has joined in. Per Caplan:

From talking to personnel sources recently, one told me that Reid has always been impressed with Burress’ ability to beat coverage with his size and that he expects the Eagles to make a run at him once free agency starts.

Caplan also threw out some interesting Eagles red zone stats:

While the Eagles have decent depth at wide receiver, they finished 14th overall in touchdowns per red zone appearance in 2010 (according to Football Outsiders). Breaking the numbers down further, the Eagles’ top-five passing targets at wide receiver and tight end finished with 12 total red zone touchdowns (Jeremy Maclin: seven touchdowns on 17 passes; Brent Celek: two touchdowns on 12 passes; DeSean Jackson: one touchdown on 12 passes; Jason Avant: one touchdown on 17 targets; Riley Cooper: one touchdown on seven passes) on 65 total passes — an 18.5 touchdown conversion percentage.

As for the cost:

I spoke to a high-level AFC decision-maker recently who said that Burress will likely yield a heavily incentive-based contract where he can make a lot more money based on productivity — meaning if he stays out of trouble and plays well, he stands to make a lot more money.

A week ago I weighed the pros and cons of bringing Plaxico Burress into the fold, and am already on the record as being all for this move, as long as the money is reasonable. I think it's time to put this to a vote.

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