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Clinton Portis Says DC Media Was Worse On McNabb Than Philly

It is a certainly a familiar thing to hear for Eagles fans that the local media is too tough on Donovan McNabb. Like many things McNabb-related that we've dealt with, our pals in DC are now hearing the same things. Clinton Portis, in a recent interview says that the Washington media was at least in part responsible for how poor McNabb was year and that they were in fact, tougher on him than the Philly media.

"Anything that happened, I think that the Washington media was being so critical of the team," he said. "It was hard to really have that team bond because the media would shoot at picking it apart and tearing it apart and so critical even when the good times came. I don’t think Donovan was ready for that, even coming from Philly. I don’t think he understood the position he was coming into."

That's total nonsense by the way. I have a feeling a poor o-line, a coach with a poor system that didn't like him, lack of weapons etc played a bigger part in McNabb's struggles than the "scary" DC media... but whatever.

Portis also talked about where he might want to play next. He indicated a desire to stay within the NFC East and mentioned Michael Vick among those QBs he'd like to play with.

I just never played with a quarterback who had the opportunity to really run his system. For me, I would really love to play with a Drew Brees, a Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers, Roethlisberger. I want to play with a proven quarterback who would take a lot of the pressure off. I think in D. C. I was always the focal point and a lot of people blamed me for a lot of the things that was going on around me.

With all due respect to Portis, who was a really good back, I'll pass and I think the Eagles will as well.

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