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Eagles One Of Few Teams To Not Cut Salaries During Lockout

Only seven NFL teams have not cut their coaches salaries during the NFL's lockout. One happens to be your Philadelphia Eagles. According to Ruben Frank, 25 teams have already docked their coaches pay or will do so on June 1st with the cuts ranging from 20-50%. Amazingly, some teams starting cutting their coaches' salaries as early as 30 days into the lockout.

The Eagles, Seahawks, Steelers, Raiders, Giants, Colts and Cowboys have told coaches that they will receive their full salary at least until games start to be missed. By the way, this would also suggest that the Redskins are the only team in the division to cut their coaches salaries....

It's a seems like an excessively cheap move on the part of some owners to be so dramatically cutting the pay of coaches. I get that they probably aren't doing as much work as they usually would if there were players in the building, but these guys are presumably still showing up for work and doing what is asked of them. It seems outrageous that they would be paid less, especially since the NFL hasn't lost any revenue yet.

The head of the NFL Coaches Association Larry Keenan says that this violates their contracts.

"The only thing they’re not doing right now is they don’t have any players to work with, but they’re all working, spending probably as many hours as they would if the players were there," Kennan said. "And they’re getting paid less than their contracts called for."

If they do sue the owners to recover that money, hopefully they can avoid the 8th circuit...

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