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Report: Eagles will be "first in line" to sign Plaxico Burress

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The New York Post's Gary Myers is reporting that the Eagles are going to be the top player for Plaxico Burress' services when he is released from prison.  From his report:

Once the lockout is over, it would make sense for Burress to hold his own mini-camp and invite all interested teams to check him out. I've heard that the Eagles will eventually be first in line, but there's also speculation the Steelers, Chargers, Falcons and Ravens could also be interested. At the Super Bowl this year, Steelers WR Hines Ward endorsed the return of Burress to Pittsburgh, where he spent the first five years of his career before signing with the Giants. Ward is a terrific player, but he does not make the Steelers' personnel decisions.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and coach Andy Reid, having already been through the post-prison experience with Vick, might be in a better position to handle any public backlash about adding another former inmate. They could also help Burress with his transition back to the NFL. Putting Burress with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin would give Vick plenty of options.

As Myers notes, the Eagles struck gold when they took a chance on another former inmate, as they were able transform Michael Vick into one of the best players in the NFL in little more than a year.  The Eagles are currently stacked at wide receiver, with Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson, the steadily improving Jeremy Maclin, an excellent veteran possession receiver in Jason Avant, and a younger, less talented version of Burress in Riley Cooper.  Signing Burress would be a very interesting move for the Eagles, as they'd have the luxury of easing him into the lineup and picking spots where they think he could contribute. 

If he's even close to his former self when he returns to the football field, the 6'5 230-ish pound Burress could still serve as a valuable weapon, particularly in the red zone.