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The Linc - Kolb Not Worth A First Round Pick?

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KC Joyner: Kolb Not Worth A 1st Rnd Pick - ESPN
"After running Kolb's metrics for the 2010 season, I'm beginning to be of the mindset that he isn't worth a first rounder. He's got talent and some experience but he's making bad decisions at a very high rate. If that happens in an Andy Reid offense, it is easy to imagine a total like that increasing in a more high-risk offense."

Eagles Draft at a Glance: Struggling to find DEs
In the first edition of this Eagles draft series, Reuben Frank looks at DE, where Andy Reid hasn't had much success. Remember Jerome McDougle?

Birds could be holding camp at NovaCare | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/09/2011
Lehigh University would like to know by around June 1 whether the Eagles are coming for training camp this year, dean of athletics Joe Sterrett said this week. Eagles president Joe Banner said yesterday that right now, the team is preparing for a normal spring and summer, including training camp, as unlikely as that might seem with the NFL in lockout limbo.

Signal callers aplenty in NFC East | Fox Sports
The Eagles appear to have the best quarterback situation, but the Cowboys and Giants could close that gap.

2011 Eagles Offseason Guide: Running Back — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
This is the second in a series of posts breaking down the Eagles position by position in advance of the upcoming draft and (hopefully) free agency.