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Michael Vick catches some totally unnecessary shrapnel from PFT's Mike Florio

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This morning, Pro Football Talk reported on a tweet by Todd Herremans that took a shot at Ben Roethlisberger's ironic choice not to live with his fiancee until they're married:

"What a turnaround … Rapistberger to Religiousberger … Good for him!"

After some backlash, Herremans later tweeted:

"Funny how it takes all day to get negative feedback from a tweet … If u read it correctly… It reads ‘good for him.’"

OK, so Herremans is a bit of a bonehead on this one, and if Mike Florio wants to take Herremans to task for bringing up Roethlisberger's past, and then casually saying "If you read it correctly... It reads 'good him him,'" then fine.  By all means, fire away.  Florio instead for some reason took this as an opportunity to attack Michael Vick:

Fine, but the use of "Rapistberger" could cause a reasonable person to think that Herremans was clubbing Ben over the head with his past.  If, for example, someone were to say as to Herremans’ quarterback, "From vicious, cold-blooded, methodical, calculating dog drowner/electrocuter/slam-to-the-ground-until-deader to Comeback Player of the Year . . . Good for him!," that could be viewed as a slap against Mike Vick.

Eff you, Florio.  Are you freaking serious?  For one, it's a dumb analogy, since that would be like Herremans tweeting "From drunken clown that was waving his junk around in a college bar and taking a 20-year old into the bathroom to have intercourse with her, possibly against her will" to "Religiousberger," but that's not what he did.  The more apt analogy, once you've decided that you want to be an ass that is, would be to say "From 'dog killer' to Comeback Player of the Year," but when you can make it more sensationalistic, then why not?

But more importantly... WHAT DOES THIS STORY HAVE TO DO WITH MICHAEL VICK... AT ALL?  We already know that Michael Vick will never, ever live down his past (and you can decide on your own if that's deserved or not), but Florio is way over the top here, and way out of line.  Awful journalism, or whatever it is Florio calls what he does.