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Will The Vikings Choose McNabb Over Kolb?

It's all but assured that the Minnesota Vikings are going to bring in a QB this offseason. The question is whether they pick one in the draft, make a major investment in a young guy like Kevin Kolb, or take a flyer on a veteran like Donovan McNabb. According to the Pioneer Press, the Vikings might be leaning toward the latter.

Although Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and player personnel vice president Rick Spielman are noncommittal about their starting quarterback when next season begins, it's beginning to look more and more as if it could be veteran Donovan McNabb.

This is more speculation than it is a report, but the writer makes an interesting case for why McNabb might be a good fit for Minnesota. The biggest reason is that he's likely to come very cheap and could potentially keep them competitive while they develop a young QB. The writer, Charley Walters, speculates that McNabb could potentially be had from the Redskins for a fourth or fifth round pick if he's not outright released.

Playing in a system he knows in Minnesota, McNabb could very well keep them competitive for a year or two while they develop a QB they take at some point in this years draft. Plus, young Joe Webb will be around as well... So McNabb could buy them the chance to take a couple years developing a couple young QBs in hopes one turns into something.

A trade for Kolb is an "all in" type move. The Vikings would have to give up something of real value for him and if they did they probably wouldn't bother taking a young QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.