Campaigning for Remember the Titans

The final four of our BGN football movie tournamnet is set. Tomorrow's semi-final will pit the great Remember the Titans againist Rudy. As a fan of Remember the Titans and a hater of Notre Dame, I feel it's my obligation to do a little campaign/pitch for Remember the Titans.



Remeber the Titans stars Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, Donald Faison, Kate Bosworth, Hayden Panettiere and the fat guy from American History X and Boy Meets World. Rudy stars the annoying kid from Encino Man and The Goonies. Remember the Titans tackles tough issues like racism in the south in 1971, shady refs, high school football and a coach helping his players from sketchy backrounds into college. Rudy tackles tough issues like an annoying little boy trying to play college football. The fact that he got into a game says more about how down the Notre Dame program is and how the team had their priorities out of order to play him over proven scholarship players. Also, how bad was that blocker for Georgia Tech to get blown by Rudy and give up a sack. Joe Montana came out recently in a radio interview to say that the whole story of Rudy is B.S., and if a four-time Superbowl winner says it's crap it must be true. Remember the Titans has had no Superbowl winners complain about their story.


Remember the Titans won 8 awards and recieved 25 total nominations while Rudy won a whopping 2 awards(none for the actual movie) and 1 other nomination.


So in conclusion, when you go to BGN and vote for the movie you think deserves to face off againist Invincible, remember you have two choices. You can vote for an multiple award winning, critically acclaimed movie about racism, high school football and camaraderie of a team. Or, you can vote for a movie about some whiny little punk who wanted to play college football for Notre Dame that he put it ahead of everything in his life like family, friends and any social life whatsoever. It's your choice. BTW- Notre Dame loved mainly by bandwagon fans who always think they are going to win the championship but never do.(Remind you of a professional team in Texas?)