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Todd McShay's Latest Mock Draft Is Terrible For Eagles

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On the same day Mel Kiper unleashed his latest mock draft, Todd McShay did one as well, and for the's ugly.

The two ESPN draft gurus agree on the position the Eagles take in round one, but they differ on the player. As we discussed earlier, Kiper has them taking Gabe Carimi. McShay, on the other hand, has them reaching for Derek Sherrod from Mississippi St.

I struggled with this pick more than any other in the first round, having a hard time finding a player who fit Philadelphia's needs and was worthy of the pick. In the end, guard and tackle are priorities and Sherrod has the versatility to contribute at both positions. He's not explosive or dominant and is a bit of a reach here but Sherrod consistently gets into position and rarely makes mistakes, and recent off-field issues for current OT Jason Peters could increase the urgency to address the offensive line. The Eagles could also consider the top available cornerbacks here but all come with questions.

I agree with McShay on one thing, he did struggle with this pick. More after the jump...

This is a pretty awful explanation and pick from McShay. Let's first take a minute to laugh hysterically at his suggestion that Jason Peters' noise pollution incident changes the Eagles draft plans in any way... Then how about his assertion that Sherrod is "not explosive or dominant and is a bit of a reach here." He really is a reach. Sherrod should be a second round type player. With Miami CB Brandon Harris and Colorado CB Jimmy Smith all still on the board, reaching for an offensive lineman in a draft pretty deep in the position would be terrible.

McShay then has the Eagles reaching for Illinois LB Martez Wilson in the second round and making an ok pick of Buffalo corner Josh Thomas in the third.