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Kevin Kolb to Buffalo rumor is nonsense

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I was going to ignore this, but it seems to keep popping up.  I have game film of Kevin Kolb on my youtube account and there's been an influx of Bills fans checking them out and commenting, and I've also received a few emails about this rumor as well.  And so, I reluctantly feel the need to shoot this nonsense down.  The crux of it is that the Eagles would send Kolb, the 23rd overall pick, and the 54th overall pick to Buffalo for the 3rd overall pick.  Great deal for the Bills, utterly ridiculous from the Eagles' perspective.

Anyway, it appears to have started here, as pure speculation from what I assume is a Bills fan (continued after the jump):

From what I’ve vaguely heard, the Eagles are looking to move up to 3rd overall, presumably to select LSU CB Patrick Peterson.

The Eagles are sitting 23rd, which is a very expensive trade up.  According to the now relevant value chart, that would be a 1,440 point move.  The Bills would move down to 23 and probably pick up the 54th selection (360).

This would leave us with a 1,080 point gap, though.  In theory, Philadelphia could give up a 1st next season that would make that difference, but I cannot see Andy Reid trading away that pick.  He’s not the type to risk the future like that.  He likes hoarding picks for a rainy day, so to speak.  I also wouldn’t expect a Ditka-ish move of trading a plethora of their 10 picks in 2011 to move up (they have 5 picks between the 3rd and 5th round).  What about a player? This is where it could get interesting.

Reid says he already has one offer for Kevin Kolb in the first round, but he’s looking for a higher selection.  If Buddy Nix is a Kevin Kolb believer, what are the chances the Bills trade the 3rd overall pick for the 23rd, 54th, and QB Kevin Kolb (for essentially a mid-1st round pick value)?

As you can see, it's pretty much just pure speculation, and not really all that well-thought-out speculation at that.  While we're on the topic, can we all please stop referring to that absurdly outdated NFL draft pick trade chart?  There's no way in hell the Eagles are trading their 1, their 2, and Kevin Kolb for one pick, high as it may be. Buffalo could very well be a potential trade partner (just as about 13 other teams could be as well), but not with this ridiculous premise.

And now we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming.