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BGN NCAA Tourney Results

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Congrats to "Smrdwnnow."  Not sure who you are, but I need you to click here to claim your prize.  Also winning a prize is d-jackfan10, who had the low score and maybe the most red (wrong answers) I've ever seen on a bracket.  If you showed a bull that bracket, he'd try to charge into the computer monitor.  In fairness, I'd contend that it's just as hard to have the lowest score as it is the highest.  d-jack, to claim you prize, click here.  Here were the Top 10 scores:

BGN'er Points Correct picks
Smrdwnnow 111 36
AmateurHour 109 39
Sandals Running-man #12 109 37
Wrathe's Bracket 107 35
Va Schools Run it! 105 35
DeSean10 105 38
Buster 103 35
TwistyWristy 76 37
JimmyK 75 40
Daniel Solomon 74 36
Last place (that filled out a full bracket)    
d-jackfan10 32 27

And just a quick gripe... If you pick the champion, you're pretty much going to beat anyone that didn't.  You get WAAAAY too many points for picking the champ - It pretty much eliminates all the stuff that happened before the championship round.  I mean... I pick the most games right, and I'm only in 9th?  Weaksauce.  I know, I know, I'm a whiny bitch.