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Re-ranking the teams most likely to trade for Kevin Kolb, post-draft

I thought the saying was "Keep CHOPPING wood."  Silly Cardinals.
I thought the saying was "Keep CHOPPING wood." Silly Cardinals.

Rank Team Comment
1 Cardinals The Cardinals didn't select a QB in the 2011 draft, which means their gaping hole at QB remains intact. Rumors have it that the Cardinals have interest in Marc Bulger. If that's the case, have fun in the basement of the terrible NFC West, Cards. In other words, I don't buy it.
2 Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, although the Seahawks recently gave up a nice chunk of change for Charlie Whitehurst. During the draft, coach Pete Carroll was asked if Whitehurst was his starting QB in 2011, and the first sentence out of his mouth was something to the effect of "He's all we got." That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. The Hawks are very much in play.
3 Browns Maybe the Browns believe Colt McCoy is the long term answer in Cleveland. I think people got a little carried away with his 2 consecutive wins over New Orleans (Drew Brees) and New England (Tom Brady) last season. Impressive wins for sure, but it should be noted that the Browns won those games with the run game, as McCoy threw a combined total of 35 passes in those 2 wins. Any time McCoy was asked to throw more than 20 passes in a game this season, the Browns were 0-6. Furthermore, it should be noted that Browns GM Tom Heckert holds Kevin Kolb in high regard, and the Browns have extra picks in the 1st and 4th rounds next year after their trade with the Falcons on Thursday.
4 Dolphins Chad Henne turns 26 in July and it may be too early to give up on him, but it's hard to ignore his terrible 2010 season in which he showed no improvement whatsoever from the previous year. The Fins did not address the QB position in the draft.
5 Raiders Kevin Kolb doesn't strike me as the kind of QB Al Davis likes. Kolb doesn't possess the kind of vertical, always-down-the-field type arm that they've tried to win with in the past. Ironically, Kolb is more like the QB they had the most success with this past decade, Rich Gannon.
6 49ers And we're into long shot territory now. The Niners drafted Colin Kaepernick 36th overall, so they're all but out of consideration, but if they really like Kolb, it's not completely out of the question for them to also make a play for Kolb, since Kaepernick is considered by many as a project that needs time to grow into a true NFL QB.
7 Redskins Could the Eagles (GASP!) trade a QB within the division? McNabb's days in D.C. are all but over. They'll be shopping, although I'd have to imagine they'll be a little gun shy when it comes to dealing with the Eagles this time around.
8 Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick began to develop nicely last season, but let's not get carried away there. The Bills didn't draft a QB, and Kolb would most certainly be an upgrade over Fitzpatrick.

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