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Eagles select FB Stanley Havili, the bizzaro Owen Schmitt

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When Leonard Weaver suffered his gruesome leg injury Week 1 against the Packers last year, the Eagles were forced to scramble to find a new starting FB.  They quickly signed Owen Schmitt, who filled in nicely under the circumstances.  Weaver was perhaps the best FB in the NFL before his leg snapped back in the wrong direction, and although Weaver feels that he'll be ready to play in 2011, there's a very real possibility that he may never play again.

Enter Havili, who is pretty much the exact opposite player that Owen Schmitt is.  As a fullback, his receiving skills were second to none in the country, and he's also very useful as a ball carrier, averaging 6.6 and 6.4 yards per carry in 2010 and 2009, respectively, in limited opportunities.   However, the knock on Havili is that he's neither a good, nor willing blocker, and has been criticized for lack of effort at times.  If he wants to put on an NFL helmet, that better change because he's going to need to excel on special teams to make the final roster.  If Weaver can't go in 2011, the camp battle between Schmitt and Havili will be very interesting, as they are polar opposites.  Another possibility could be that the Eagles will carve out a role designed specifically for Havili's skill-set, similarly to the way the Redskins use Chris Cooley.

The talent is there (see his highlight reel after the jump), but the effort needs to be as well.

And thus concludes the 2011 NFL draft!

More Havili Highlights: