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Eagles Draft Pick Brian Rolle Says He's As Good As Von Miller

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With 193rd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Eagles have selected LB Brian Rolle from Ohio State. He's the second "bloodlines" type player the Eagles have taken in this draft, as he's the cousin of Giants' safety Antrel Rolle.

Rolle is a speedy, yet undersized LB at 5-9, 225 pounds. However, Rolle rejects the idea that his size holds him back in any way. In fact, he says he's as good Von Miller, who was taken #2 overall this year.

"People who say (size) is an issue, they must not have seen any film," Rolle said, "because put on Von Miller (the draft's top-rated linebacker, from Texas A&M) and put me on film, and everything he does, I can do just as well. So scouts and coaches - guys who actually watch film and evaluate me - I'm pretty sure they know I can play football."

Rolle was a standout special teamer in his first two years at Ohio State, before taking over a starting job in his final two. Scouts Inc said of him "He is vastly undersized and plays the game with borderline wreckless abandon."

That seems to be a theme in the many scouting reports on Rolle. He's not a big guy, but he plays like a madman. Sounds like a perfect special teamer to me...

Plays with a chip on his shoulder and not afraid to take on much bigger blockers. Violent punch and flashes the ability to prevent blockers from locking on. Low center of gravity and hard to knock off balance. However, tougher than stout and size clearly hinders ability to anchor. Can get engulfed by offensive linemen when teams run at him and he takes too long to get off blocks once reached.