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2011 NFL Draft: Eagles Select OL, Singer Julian Vandervelde

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The Eagles traded down in the fifth with the Jets, giving up a 7th rounder and grabbing the Jets' 6th in the process. With the 161st overall pick from the Jets, the Eagles took offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde from Iowa.

The 6-2, 301 pound Vandervelde projects as a guard in the NFL. He's athletic and can pull in the running game while also getting to the second level on blocks. He said before the draft that once he's in an NFL camp, he doesn't plan on accepting a backup job...

"Once I am in a camp and make that impression on a team I want to earn a starting job. I don’t want to be the second man. I will fight until I am starting. I want to keep getting better each year to become as good of a player as I can be."

Vandervelde said the player he compares himself to is Casey Weigmann of the Kansas City Chiefs

I really respect Casey Weigmann of the Chiefs. A former Hawkeye himself we have a lot in common. Just seeing how long he has lasted in the NFL and his attitude and toughness that he brings to the game. He isn’t over-sized and is very tough and smart. He is very durable. He takes hits and keeps coming back and has had a lot of success in the NFL.

Also Vandervelde might have the best tidbit of any player in this draft. When President Obama visited the University of Iowa, it was Vandervelde who sung the national anthem. So if I was going to be a cliched draftnik that rattles off attributes, I'd say something like this, "Tough, coachable kid, loves football, has a great voice and uses his hands well."

Our SBNation Iowa site Black Heart Gold Pants made his handy guide for any team that draft Julian Vandervelde.

Check out after the jump for the video and a scouting report.

Here's what scouts inc had to say about Vandervelde

Pass Protection - Gets set quickly and gets sound hand placement. Can slide with defensive tackles when they try to redirect inside after starting outside. While overreacts to defensive tackle's initial move and gets caught out of position at times generally recovers quickly. Adequate cut blocker that can slide down and take defenders' legs out when feels he's losing block. Waist bender that can give ground initially but does an adequate job of absorbing and resetting feet working against power rushers. Can turn shoulders instead of sliding feet and staying in front when defensive tackles attack outside shoulder.

Run Blocking - Adequate initial punch and locks onto defender's chest plate. Strong for size and can move defensive tackles off the ball when technique is sound. Moves well laterally and would fit well in a base zone blocking scheme. Doesn't show great athletic ability in space but takes sound angles to downfield blocks and flashes the ability to get into position at the second level. Has a relatively low center of gravity and gets under defenders more times than not but can get pushed around when plays too high. Base narrows at times and can slide off blocks.

Awareness - Keeps head on a swivel and looks to help out when no one comes to him initially. Missed blitz pickup in the second quarter of the Ohio State game but showed above average awareness in pass protection for the most part. Can locate linebackers on combination blocks up to the second level but a bit inconsistent in this area.
Toughness 3 Not a traditional mauler and can get pushed around when doesn't play with sound technique but flashes a mean streak. Plays through the whistle and finishes blocks.