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Draft history analogy - Raiders : 40 times :: Eagles : bench press?

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Oregon St. DT Stephen Paea
Oregon St. DT Stephen Paea

Every draft, when the Raiders are on the board, someone invariably makes the same tired joke, "Who's the fastest player available?"  It's not without merit, obviously.  Al Davis has repeatedly proven he loves speed.  Here are the top ten 40 yard dash times from the combine from 2000-2010.  If you'll notice, 4 of those players were drafted by the Raiders:

Player Time Position School Drafted by
Trindon Holliday 4.21 WR LSU Texans
Jacoby Ford 4.22 WR Clemson RAIDERS
Chris Johnson 4.24 RB East Carolina Titans
Darrius Heyward-Bey 4.25 WR Maryland RAIDERS
Jerome Mathis 4.26 WR Hampton Texans
C.J. Spiller 4.27 RB Clemson Bills
Stanford Routt 4.27 CB Houston RAIDERS
Mike Wallace 4.28 WR Ole Miss Steelers
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 4.29 CB Tennessee St. Cardinals
Fabian Washington 4.29 CB Nebraska RAIDERS
Johnny Knox 4.29 WR Abilene Christian Bears

Historically, the Eagles have a similar fascination with players that put up big bench press numbers at the combine.  From 2000-2010, the Eagles drafted 3 of the top ten (3 of the top 6, actually) bench press performers:

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Player Reps Position School Drafted by
Leif Larson 45 DT UTEP Bills
Mike Kudla 45 DE Ohio St. nobody
Mitch Petrus 45 OG Arkansas Giants
Jeff Owens 44 DT Georgia EAGLES
Brodrick Bunkley 44 DT Florida St. EAGLES
Scott Young 43 OG BYU EAGLES
Tank Tyler 42 DT NC St. Chiefs
Isaac Sopoaga 42 DT Hawaii 49ers
Igor Olshansky 42 DT Oregon Chargers
Terna Nande 41 OLB Miami Ohio Titans

Oregon State DT Stephen Paea broke the combine record for bench press reps this year with an impressive 49.  He's scheduled to meet with the Eagles this week.  Just an observation.