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The Linc - Lehigh Valley Could Suffer From Lockout

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Philadelphia Eagles training camp: potential of no training camp looming large over Lehigh Valley -
The Lehigh Valley faces economic and intangible impact of no Eagles training camp at Lehigh this summer

NFL scouting lingo a must to follow the draft - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
It’s that time of year. Until the 2011 NFL draft is completed, you’ll hear draft analysts spout scouting lingo. Some of the terms you’ll understand, some you won’t. But if you really want to be a "draftnik," you’ll need to get a better idea of what they mean.

Ex-Falcons lineman had brain disease linked to concussions -
Another NFL player who killed himself was found to have CTE.

Lions’ blunder prompted draft-visit disclosures | ProFootballTalk
The Lions aren't so good at email.

The Doomed Case for Re-signing Quintin Mikell — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
The Eagles should re-sign Quintin Mikell, but they probably won't.