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Mel Kiper Talks Eagles Draft Strategy

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Mel Kiper wrote a column this weekend about what every NFL team might do if their top priority position isn't on the board when they pick. He sees offensive tackle as the Eagles top need.

Like the Colts, I see the Eagles looking for an offensive tackle as the top priority. But they could also use help at corner, and could get Jimmy Smith or a guy such as Aaron Williams from Texas. If they think they are getting a steal with a defensive tackle they love still on the board, it wouldn't be a surprise pick.

Yeah, I know, not a terribly substantive thought from Mr Kiper here... but we'll take what we can get in this fairly dead time.

However, it does lead us to an interesting discussion. What are the Eagles top three needs? I think there's a pretty general consensus that offensive line and corner are among the top three, but what else is up there? Kiper seems to think defensive tackle. Personally, I'm ok with what the Eagles have at that position now, but it is a spot that could be upgraded.

If I was looking for a third need, I'd sooner say linebacker than defensive tackle.