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Eagles Draft Picks: What You Need To Know About Curtis Marsh

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The Eagles were set to pick at #85 overall, but traded that selection to the Ravens for their #90 overall pick and an additional sixth rounder. With the 26th overall pick in the third, the Eagles selected Curtis Marsh, cornerback from Utah State.

Marsh has good size at 6-1, ran a solid 4.46 40 at the combine and is known for long arms that he uses to break up passes. Big, fast and long... all good stuff to hear about a corner prospect. The main knock against him appears to be the impossible to see, but apparently important "stiff hips."

Marsh actually went to Utah State initially as a running back, but his height and athleticism led coaches to move him to corner, where he's only been for two years.

"He has a lot of upside," Utes coach Gary Andersen said. "He’s only been playing the position for two years. His best football is ahead of him, and as he gets more comfortable with the position, he’s only going to get better."

Marsh earned All-WAC honors last season and was sixth in the country in passes defensed per game. As we said earlier, his long arms gives him a knack for that. Marsh started to grab the attention of scouts last season, when he shut down highly touted Boise State WRs Titus Young and Austin Pettis last season. Those players went the second and third round respectively this year.

He did in fact have a visit with the Eagles earlier this month and was projected to go anywhere from the second to third round. Solid value, great physical tools and still with plenty of room to improve. There's a lot to like about this pick.