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Eagles Appear To Have Been Interested In Jaiquawn Jarrett For A While

The newest Philadelphia Eagle Jaiquawn Jarrett met the local media in a conference call this evening to discuss being drafted by the team who just so happen owns the stadium he's been playing in for the past four years.

"This right here is one of the greatest situations ever coming, staying close to home so my family is right down the road." He said, "I've played in the Eagles stadium for the last four years so being able to play for [head] Coach [Andy] Reid as an Eagle is a dream come true."

Temple, of course, plays their home games at Lincoln Financial Field, so Jarrett won't need a tour or anything... He said that he was well aware of the Eagles interest in him.

"They showed a lot of interest. They came to work me out several times with the whole defensive staff and the special teams coordinators. So they've seen something in me that other teams didn't see and I really appreciate that staff for that."

In fact, this year wasn't the first time he's had contact with the team.

"It was a lot of communication. I've played there for four years and I had the opportunity to meet the coaching staff when they came to the game. A lot of the former players on the Eagles came down and worked out with us. So it was a lot of communication back and forth. I got the opportunity to meet with Coach Reid. He had been coming down here to spring ball because his son is at Temple. So there was a lot of communication over the past couple weeks."

He says that he's already spoken with Juan Castillo and Mike Zordich about his role in the defense.

"Yes, I did get the opportunity to see how the Eagles use their defense. When I met with coach [Juan] Castillo and coach [Mike] Zordich they showed me how they use their safeties in their secondary and they were telling me that I'd be a great fit."

Jarrett said he was watching the draft at home with his family in Brooklyn, NY when he got the call from Andy Reid.