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The Linc - Danny Watkins Tours Ground Zero With FDNY

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I did some NFL draft stuff over on SB Nation Philly, including what I think is a pretty interesting story about Danny Watkins' day with the men of the New York City Fire Department.

Eagles Draft Pick Danny Watkins Reflects On Day At Ground Zero With FDNY - SB Nation Philly
Eagles draft pick Danny Watkins spent four years as a firefighter in his native Canada before he ever even decided to play football. In fact, he only took up football when he came to the US to study to become a full time firefighter. So when he came to the New York this week for the NFL draft, it made sense that the FDNY invited Watkins and his firefighter cheering section out with them.

Eagles Draft Pick Danny Watkins Picks Flyers Over Bruins, Loves Eric Lindros - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
The Eagles new Canadian offensive lineman picks the Flyers over the Bruins and says his earliest memories of Philadelphia come from Eric Lindros.

2011 NFL Draft Grades: Winners And Losers From Day One - SB Nation Philly
There are two kinds of winners and losers in the first round of the draft. The ones we label as winners and loser right now and the ones who actually turn out to be winners and losers when we find out if these guys are any good in a few years. But we won't let the latter fact stop us from handing down swift and terrible judgment on a few teams...

2011 NFL Draft Results: Run On QBs Benefits Giants, Chargers And Colts - SB Nation Philly
The run on QBs changed the entire draft and ended up with teams in the late teens and early 20s getting a bounty of unexpected talent.