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The Eagles select Danny Watkins, a player that will likely be in his 30's after his rookie contract ends

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My quick-twitch reaction is to say I hate the pick (not to be confused with the player). Danny Watkins may very well massively upgrade the Eagles' weakest position on the offense, provide added protection for Michael Vick's blindside, and start immediately (OK, it's making more sense now)... But if the guy signs a 5 year deal (as most rookies around this spot in the first round do), he'll be 32 (that's THIRTY-TWO) when his rookie contract is up. Seeing as Andy Reid and company have built up a deserved reputation of jettisoning players that make it into their 30's, I just don't like it, at least in the first round. I hope I'm wrong.

We'll have more on the pick later in a bit.