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Texans upgrade their awful defense with JJ Watt

Quick-twitch analysis:

I think most people would have slated Prince Amukamara here, since the Texans' secondary was so atrocious last season. Obviously you can help out your secondary by... you know... drafting defensive backs. But you can also help your secondary by drafting guys that can put pressure on the quarterback, and they get a really good one in JJ Watt. I like the pick.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A former Central Michigan transfer who made the move from tight end upon his arrival to Wisconsin in 2008. A tall, long-armed kid with a leaner-looking frame and has the ability to add even more girth to his frame. Displays impressive bend and flexibility when asked to coil up and sit into his stance off the edge. Has played both from a three- and four-point stance at end, has stood up on the outside and even kicked inside to tackle on pass downs. Possesses a sneaky first step off the football and because of his length and natural burst can quickly get on top of defensive tackles toward the edge. Allows his pad level to get up easily when trying to reach the corner and doesn't have the type of fluidity/bend to drop his pad level and flatten around the edge, but loves to work his spin move back underneath in order to find the quarterback. Has a powerful set of hands into contact and can really jar defenders initially at the point of attack on his bull rush and walk his way into the backfield. Also does a nice job using his long arms on the edge when trying to reach the corner, loves to work the arm over both inside and out and has some above-average short-area quickness for a guy his size. Can work the inside move off the snap both lined up as a DE and DT and has the body control to quickly slide step the block and keep himself clean before closing on the passer. Isn't a dynamic speed rusher by any stretch though and relies more on his inside counter, power and length o fight his way off blocks. Allows his pad level to get upright when he tries to change directions and fight his way though contact inside, but he has a motor that runs nonstop and works hard through the play.

Delivers a nasty jolt at the point of attack in the run game. Extends his arms well, keeps his base down and can really rock opposing blockers on contact. Displays some short-area quickness when asked to slip blocks upright as well and can make his way into the backfield. However, when trying to cross the face of opposing linemen inside and crash down the line, gets too upright with his pad level, doesn't protect his frame and can easily be washed away down the line. But, as an in-line guy, knows how to anchor at the point, set the edge and play off blocks when run at. Finds the football well for the most part and has good read and react ability. Nevertheless, is a bit limited as a stop and start athlete and doesn't have a real burst initially when asked to close and is more of a high motor strider in pursuit.

Impression: A tall, long-armed physical defensive end who has the versatility to play as either as a DE in a 3-4 and as DE/three-technique in a 4-3. He plays hard, is a natural bender for his size and looks like a solid contributor as a three-down lineman in the NFL in any scheme he plays. Will be on just about every team's draft board.