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Saints grab another DE slider in Cameron Jordan


Nice pick here by the Saints, who give defensive coordinator Gregg Williams another toy to sick on opposing QB's. Wouldn't have minded seeing Jordan in midnight green. Ugh.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

Possesses a strong, well-put-together frame with good thickness and girth through both his upper and lower half. Has a strong-looking hindquarters and can maximize his football strength inside, not narrow at all. Plays all over the Cal defense (five-technique, three, nose) and exhibits impressive flexibility for a guy his size when asked to sit into his stance. Does a nice job keeping his head up and base down into contact vs. the run game and exhibits good anchor strength on contact. Has the type of power to consistently hold up/set the edge when run at and uses his strong hands to disengage from blocks when asked to play the piano down the line and fend off blocks inside.However, he is inconsistent with his hands at times. Too often leads with his head when lined up inside vs. the run or really winds up his arms and wastes a lot of motion on his punch in the pass game. Can stack and put himself around the football, but doesn't use his hands well to routinely disengage and wrap up on the ball carrier.

Displays an impressive first step off the snap in the pass game though when lined up inside. Is consistently one of the first defensive linemen moving off the football. Is sudden and violent with his hands on contact. Loves to work his arm over to free himself inside and also has a rip that allows him to disengage as well. But his pad level will begin to rise once he gains a step trying to get up field and can be sealed away from the ball at times. Does a better job with his hands when asked to keep himself clean on his counter and can fend off blocks once engaged and work in pursuit.

Isn't a real explosive pass rusher off the edge as a DE, lacks the burst to reach the corner and again will allow his pad level to rise a bit when trying to change directions off his initial rush. Exhibits some natural body control and balance through contact, can drop his pad level around the corner and his combination of length and agility allow him to fight his way off blocks and make his way up the field.

Impression: Has really taken his game to another level this season, being productive at a number of positions along the defensive line using his combination of power, burst and suddenness to beat blocks and get after the football. Is inconsistent with his hands, but looks like a potential starter as either a three- or five-technique guy at the next level. Looks like a better prospect than Tyson Alualu to me.