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Ryan Kerrigan - Great player, but is he the right fit for the Redskins' 3-4 scheme

Quick-twitch analysis:

I think Kerrigan is a fantastic player, but I wonder if he's a fit for their 3-4 scheme. Andre Carter had 11 sacks in 2009 when the Skins ran a 4-3. They went to a 3-4 and asked him to play out of position as a 3-4 OLB, and it didn't work. They're now likely going to ask Kerrigan to play 3-4 OLB, a position Kerrigan says he can play (what rookie prospect is going to say they can't?), but has admitted he prefers being a 4-3 DE. Love the player, don't like the fit.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

Possesses a good-sized frame for the position and looks comfortable lining up at both defensive end spots. Will even kick inside to tackle on third down and has the ability to create pressure inside as well. Isn't the most natural of benders and struggles to completely sit into his stance. Lacks a great first step off the snap and isn't going to be able to threaten the edge at the next level. However, is consistently one of the first defensive linemen moving off the football and knows how to quickly get into his opponents. Extends his arms well into blocks and is able to gain leverage with his hands and dictate to opposing linemen initially, but isn't a guy who consistently keeps his base down through contact. Nevertheless, exhibits good strength in his upper body and knows how to use his violent hands — loves to work his club — to gain a step and works his legs through contact in order to work his way toward the quarterback. Works very hard in pursuit, has a motor that runs nonstop and showcases the type of short-area suddenness to slip blocks initially on contact. Isn't ever going to win with his initial get off burst but has enough body control, power and savvy to create a step for himself on contact and fight his way toward the quarterback as a pass rusher.

Now, isn't a real gifted athlete and really looks to lumber in pursuit when asked to chase the football down the field. Isn't going to make many plays from the backside and the more space he is in the less effective he plays. Doesn't possess the type of stack and shed ability vs. the run many people think.Gets too high at the point when asked to anchor and too often can be overwhelmed when run at. Does a nice job extending his arms into blocks, but doesn't disengage with much success because of his high pad level. Lacks the kind of athleticism to consistently stack and shed and make plays off his frame.

Impression: A good pass rusher who uses his hands well to slip blocks, works hard and has some suddenness in tight areas. Would like to see him play the run better, but is a tough, high-character kid who could mature into a solid starter with some time.